Software is our Service

We build apps that help local governments connect with residents. Cities and counties often do not have the resources to purchase expensive proprietary systems. Using open source software means cities and counties can cooperate to help improve the software, while benefiting from a much more complete and flexible system than they could afford on their own.

Family History

We have a passion for helping families find their ancestors. BYU is uniquely positioned to contribute technology that makes a difference in this area -- we have professors actively conducting research in related areas, such as handwriting recognition, image analysis, machine learning, social networking, usability, and software engineering. We also enjoy a relationship with FamilySearch, since it is also operated by the LDS Church. Building open source software is our way of collaborating with a worldwide community of developers who share our passion.


Our mission is to create software that makes the world a better place. We build software that anyone can use or modify free of charge, in the spirit of community service that is at the heart of BYU’s mission. We are funded entirely via donations from people who enjoy our work and want to see what we dream up next.


We mentor students through the process of creating software that can help them to make a difference. We have a strong emphasis on usability and design, because the user comes first. We use the latest tools and practices so students can acquire cutting-edge skills.

Get Involved

We are seeking partners that are willing to sponsor a project, provide guidance on design, or contribute code. We have a limited number of paid lab positions available to BYU students and are seeking donations to expand the number of students we can support.

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