Daniel Zappala

Daniel Zappala is a professor of Computer Science at Brigham Young University. He is the director of the Internet Research Lab, where he leads a team of students conducting research on wireless networks, cloud computing, and social networking.

Daniel has a passion for open source software, so he founded the BYU Open Source Lab to mentor students who share this love and want to make a difference in the world. He is an avid genealogist, and in his spare time writes free software.

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Citizen Budget

  • Daniel Zappala
  • Eric Lazalde
  • Christopher Morgan
  • Dallin Smith


  • Nate Carrier
  • Jaysen Draney
  • Bryan Gwilliam
  • Ryan Hess
  • Trever Hixson
  • Stephen Kitto
  • Jessica Pickup
  • Caroline Tew


  • Daniel Zappala
  • Charles Knutson
  • Jonathon Klein
  • Justin Seliger
  • Justin York
  • Robert Brown
  • Steven Nay
  • Brandon Reid
  • Bryan Whitney
  • Scott Erickson
  • Reed Allred
  • Kevin Rampton
  • and numerous other students
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