Civic Apps

An online budgeting app that helps residents see how their tax dollars are being spent, with easy-to-read charts and graphs. A city or county government uploads their complete financial data, and Citizen Budget automatically loads all funds and categories, showing yearly trends for easy analysis.

Detailed information, including installation documentation and installation instructions is at Code is at GitHub.

Bookout is a person-to-person lending library. Its design was inspired by a small town without funds to build a public library, recognizing that the residents themselves had plenty of books to share directly with each other. The app is currently in an early alpha stage, with only limited functionality available. Eventually it will allow you to import your friends from Facebook or your colleagues from LinkedIn and then share books with each other. We also have ideas for a mobile app that will help you to scan in your personal library and act as a checkout device when a friend stops by to pick up or check out a book.

Code is at GitHub.

Family History

leaf is designed to help you find “holes” in the genealogy you have stored in FamilySearch. A hole is any person with missing information — a birth or death event, a spouse or children, or temple ordinances. Users login to FamilySearch, and then leaf displays their genealogy in ancestry and descendancy charts, color coded to indicate where the holes are located. Users can customize what kind of holes they are looking for, and can also use a powerful search engine to find holes on collateral lines.

The free web site is available at Some of the basic code that makes leaf work is available at GitHub.

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